Finally – A Real Case Of Election Fraud!

voteflagActual cases of voter fraud are few, far between, and hard to come by. For all the screaming on racist fantasy websites like Breitbart about dead Democrats and buses full of dark-skinned folks, there have been only 31 confirmed cases (meaning there was actual evidence, as opposed to suspicion and paranoia) since the year 2000. During that time, there were over 1,000,000,000 votes cast. Yes, that’s one billion.

Election fraud is rarer than pretty much any other kind of fraud. For example, the IRS estimates that the rate of tax fraud could be as high as 17%. On the other hand, 31 cases of voter fraud out of one billion comes out to three tenths of one millionth of one percent. If conservatives were really concerned about fiscal responsibility and justice, it stands to reason they would spend eighteen million times more time and energy going after big corporations and wealthy tax cheats like Donald Trump than going after fraudulent voters.

Instead, our so-called “conservative” politicians wail and gnash their teeth over the virtually nonexistent voter fraud and defend rich tax evaders. There are two simple reasons why they do this.

votinggopFirst, giant corporations and wealthy tax cheats compensate these politicians handsomely to make sure there are plenty of loopholes through which to shove shiploads of cash, and when even that isn’t enough to satisfy their greed, to make sure the conversation stays focused on other things than their rapaciousness.

Second, the reason for this post! There is an actual, verifiable case of election fraud in the news today! Unfortunately for the right-wing conspiracy people, the person committing voter fraud is once more a Republican: Gladys Coego, an election worker, was arrested today in Miami-Dade County, Florida for marking blank ballots in favor of Republican mayoral candidate Raquel Regalado.
gopfraudEver since Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House, Republicans’ favorite tactic has been to loudly accuse their opponents of what they themselves are already doing. Remember Newt? He resigned in disgrace after being reprimanded for ethics violations. The nature of the ethics violations was (spoiler alert) tax fraud.


realvoterfraudThe real election fraud in the USA is the attempt to suppress the vote. And that bag belongs to the GOP.